“Nice to meet you, I’m your website”

We must discuss the importance of a website, not only a social network profile, for a company or a professional. Both have their merits. A website is your personal, lasting, organized, intelligent, and attractive space. It’s exclusive for you and your business. To put it better: your website is you.

You’re probably asking: but who am I? You are the knowledge you create. Content, stories, values, actions, images, your day by day, what is new, what few people know. I still tell managers that from the moment you set foot in the company to the time you leave there are infinity subjects that could be turned into amazing content. It’s about seeing what ‘makes the headlines’.

Content pulses around you. It’s the vision of a curator, a creator that, like alchemy, turns any metal into gold. It brings an explosion of creativity to your website and a sparkle to the eyes of whoever access it. Your client could be whispering “What a cool company for me to buy products or services from”.

But all that quality can be lost in the fluidity of a social network with hundreds of posts on their frenetic feed. Social networks deliver a lot of content, but they cannot be your only platform.

The search for the hit post that spreads like wildfire often becomes a quest for the rainbow that cannot be reached, and we neglect creative stories that could be found through search engines repeatedly, leading people to be interested in your business, as well as likes and good comments.

You are your website and will be recognized on its merits.

( Manoel Fernandes Neto )