Social networks or websites: which brings business faster?

By Manoel Fernandes Neto

Many companies I have contact with ask about the importance of a web site when compared to social networks. Especially those just stepping into the digital marked and who want to be noticed.
“Wouldn’t it be better to just have social networks and think about a web site later?” This question must be answered rationally.

A website is a complete tool. As soon as it’s online, it will be indexed by using the proper SEO tools. It’s very different from social networks, which require a longer period to become an asset to the brand, with enough followers to turn likes into new business. Reputation is the name of the game.

In our conversations with markets, we often speak of the importance of a bigger online presence in social networks related to the business. Everyday narrative content, original information, text, images, and videos must be a part of the company’s daily communication.

With the agency’s strong presence and the client’s support in offering their cultural tidbits, social networks are powerful distributors and draw in a qualified audience. But they need time to mature and bear fruits, they are not immediate.

A website, however, is still the first thing a client searches for when they need a service or product. “Google it” is a piece of advice we will give and receive for a long time still when looking for suppliers.

Web searches offer the potential client organic results that form a picture of the market, with several companies in their state or city, which they can then easily compare.
By going live, a website will start to collect result from the first leads even with a first indexation in the form of potential clients making contact through a form, chat, or tools such as WhatsApp. This increases as more content is added and linked to the website or to external websites of interest.

Linking is essential for Google and for your business. Content with links bring relevant – and positive results – for your business to take off and stay relevant.

And a website if the ideal ground to plant links in search engines. Who could afford to ignore this advantage?