Take care of your website for a healthy existence

This is a serious subject, and several websites are compromised. Magnificent projects go online, but age due to a lack of tech support, updates, and adjustments it so desperately needs as time goes by.

The comparison is unavoidable. Would you not change the oil in your car? Or take it for a check-up every now and then? Motor, paint, tires, and dampers suffer the passage of time and if the owner does nothing, the care will stop working a lot earlier than expected.

If we change our comparison from the material aspect, problems get even bigger. Do you only see a doctor when you’re sick? Are you sedentary and eat badly? Or do you try to lead a healthy life and have regular check-ups?

Major content management systems (CMS), the platform that keep websites, is connected to servers. These servers are updated and get newer versions. And websites cannot fall victim to this.
Not only that, but CMS are also systems that deal with the plugins for several functionalities. And they are also updated. Add to this backups and security systems, and you’ll have the perfect storm if you can’t count on a specialized team.

In all these years online, I’ve seen dozens of cases of sites ‘dying’ due to a lack of technical maintenance. Some old sites can’t be surfed anymore, but other, more recent cases, with an updated identity, are irreversibly damaged by the lack of regular maintenance.

A website demands responsibility, but it can last years before an updated version is uploaded, if the managers keep treating it professionally even after launch.

It’s simple: if you don’t take care of it, you’ll lose your investment.

Manoel Fernandes Neto

Image: Marvin Meyer on Unsplash